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Michel Blazy
Born: 1966
Citizenship: fr
Place(s) of work: Paris (fr)
Originally born in Monaco, this now French artist works solely with living things to explore the very basic physical aspects of our existence - time, space and body. He attempts to create multi-sensorial and changing spaces and sculptures to show the uncertainties of our condition: the insects that conglomerate on his pieces, like the visitors that walk on or into his works accidently create a story and ask questions. Placing his audience face to face with the fragility of conserving the living, he stacks mildewing oranges, covers museum walls with wet flower for it to crackle in an accelerat … (read more)
Techniques & Media: Sculpture
Inspirations & Key Themes: Decay, Food
Associated with : Song Dong
Related Venues: Palais de Tokyo , Galerie Concept

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Michel Blazy Artworks

Sculptcures. present…
by Michel Blazy
exhibit Post Patman…
by Michel Blazy

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