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Nancy Holt
Born: 1938
Citizenship: us
Place(s) of work: Galisteo, New Mexico (us)
A key member of the Land Art movement, Nancy Holt is an artist whose works deal with the memory and perception of time and space. Like other Land Artists, Holt often uses the natural environment as both a medium and a subject for pieces that span a variety of mediums, including film, sculpture and installation. What sets Holt apart is her exploration of the celestial and cosmic, particularly the summer solstice, as well as her interest in land reclamation and re-use. … (read more)
Movements & Syles: Land Art
Techniques & Media: Film and Video Art, Installation, Photography, Sculpture
Inspirations & Key Themes: cosmos, earth, ecology, Nature, summer solstice, universe
Associated with : Alice Aycock
Influenced : Olafur Eliasson
Worked with : Michael Heizer , Richard Serra , Robert Smithson

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Nancy Holt Artworks

Dark Star Park
by Nancy Holt
Solar Rotary
by Nancy Holt
Sun Tunnels
by Nancy Holt

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